Original site: Oct 2008

Closed: Feb 23 2014

I decided yesterday to close this forum. I did want to wait until after the Welsh Open, but, sadly, some sad person that nobody loves decided that the forum will end today instead, by hacking it (and deleting numerous files). I don't suppose that's a coincidence, either.

I left a going away thread so members could say their goodbyes, and also to notify you that I am relocating to It is a nice quiet forum and I invite you all to sign up!

Over the past few years I have lost a lot of my passion for snooker and forums in general. Maintaining my own forum is just adding stress that I don't need, and ultimately it failed as an alternative to Ronnie's official forum, which was destroyed by Monique, Jo, and their troll mate, Vistoryv. Even my own friends have little time for forums these days, and only a few of the disgruntled Ronnie forum members joined up. I did all I could to make the place as welcoming and fun as possible, but there's not a lot I can do when people choose not to sign up, and only want to be associated with the official forum.

The long-time members of this forum have been great, and I hope we can all stay in contact. So this is a special thank you to Cueball, Equinox, Andy Spark, Gem (who did a ton of work for the forum), WES, Bogdy, Peter, Brooklyn Cueless, and anyone else I have missed. It's people like you that balance out the utter turds there are floating about. Too many good people stay at these forums when they should be voting with their feet.

If all else fails, we can always create a decent chatroom on Skype and be done with it. Hopefully, when Ronnie's new forum arrives, the opportunists above won't be running it, though I am pretty certain they will be.

You can reach me at the above site, in the snooker section.

Dan aka Seifer Almasy

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